The Legislative Assembly is comprised of 17 members elected by the people and 9 members elected by the nobles.   Its main responsibilities are to make laws (that includes passing the annual budget) and nominating the Prime Minister from among its members after a general election to head the Executive.

Speaker's Election FAQs

Useful information on the Speaker's Election.

  • When is a speaker elected?

    The speaker of Parliament is elected by the members of Parliament (MP’s) at the first meeting of elected members after the general election.
  • What is different from the old system to elect a Speaker?

    In the old system the speaker was appointed by the Monarchy.
  • Who is  the Speaker?

    Lord Tu’ivakano
  • Who is eligible to become a Speaker?

    The Speaker can only be elected from the Nobles.
  • When was the current Speaker elected?

    January 2015

Members FAQs

Useful information about Members.

  • How many elected members are there in the House?

  • Who was the first female member?

    Princess Mele Siu’ilikutapu
  • Do members have to live in their constituency?

    Yes, every candidate has to reside in their constituency for at least 3 months before every general election

General Election FAQs

Useful facts and information about the General Election.

  • What is a general election?

    A general election is usually referred to elections for an nation’s primary legislative body
  • When is the next general election?

    November 2018
  • Can I stand as a candidate in a general election?

    Yes only if one is over 21 years of age, a Tongan citizen, read and write in Tongan and must not be insane.
  • What happens to Select Committees when Parliament is dissolved?

    Select committee will also be dissolved.
  • What happens to the Government when Parliament is dissolved?

    The government will also be dissolved
  • Can I vote in the general election?

    Yes, if you are over 21 years old and registered to vote, a Tongan citizen, not insane.
  • When was the last general election?

    27th of November,2014
  • When was the last by-election?

  • Who decides to call a general election?

    His Majesty King Tupou VI
  • What happens to the Government when a general election is called?

    They become a take care government.
  • Who cannot vote in Tonga parliamentary election?

    Non Tongan citizens, people who are not 21 years old, cannot read and write in Tongan and is mentally disabled


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