MEMBERS of Parliament continue to work and visit their constituency especially when the Legislative Assembly is not in session.

Last week, Members of the Legislation and the Agriculture and Fisheries Standing Committee conducted two joint-committee meetings for further scrutiny of two pending Regulations referred from the Legislative Assembly for further discussion in the relevant Committee.

Tonight, the new MP for Tongatapu 8 constituency, Hon. Vaea Taione wraps up his parliamentary visit for his electorates at Malapo which began last Monday.

During his constituency visit, Hon. Taione has met the people of Veitongo, Folaha, Nukuhetulu, Longoteme and Vaini. At the same, he also paid a visit to both government and church middle schools, met with different development groups and also inspected small community projects.

The special parliamentary visit is due to the death of former Tongatapu constituency MP, late Hon. Semisi Fakahau.

Meanwhile, Tongatapu 6 constituency new MP Hon. Dulcie Tei is scheduled to start her parliamentary visit to her electorates tomorrow.

Vava’u 14 MP, Hon. Saia Piukala will follow suit so as the rest of other MPs who did not conduct their constituency visit last year.

The parliamentary constituency visit is an annual program aims for the MPs to meet and talk with their electorates on matters which directly impacts their daily lives and report back to Parliament.

Some issues can be addressed by government and some projects like water supply systems can be funded through the constituency grant or MPs seek external aid to fund such community projects.

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