A Joint Parliament’s Standing Committee on Legislation, Agriculture and Fisheries have met to further examine the Aquaculture Management Regulation 2020 and also the Fisheries (Fishing Vessels) Licensing Regulation 2020.

On February 7, the Legislative Assembly approved for the two joint Standing Committees to further screen the Aquaculture Management Regulation and also the Fisheries (Fishing Vessels) Licensing Regulation 2020.

Two- joint meetings were held last week chaired by the Legislation Committee Chair Hon. Dr. Taniela Fusimālohi for a briefing session from the Ministry of Fisheries on the proposed amendments to the Principal Regulations. It was to brief legislators on the Regulations respectively which have been enforced by the Fisheries Ministry since 2020.

These 2020 Regulations have been enforced by the Ministry of Fishery but it was yet to be submitted for approval by Parliament.

When the Fisheries (Fishing Vessels) Licensing Regulation 2020) and the Aquaculture Management Regulation 2020 were introduced in Parliament earlier this month, the proposed amendments and other provisions needed further discussions and clarifications with the relevant ministry.

The Fisheries Licensing Regulation has six parts including applications for a locally based foreign fishing vessel and for a fishing vessel licenses and also applications for high seas permit. There are also provisions for renewal of licenses and general penalty for breach of regulations.

The Aquaculture Management Regulation comprises of eight parts including aquaculture development plan and license, import and introduction of live aquatic organisms and exotic fish, farming and processing and exporting protocols and standards.

Reports from the Committee Secretariat, the Legislation and Agriculture and Fisheries Joint Standing Committee meeting has been adjourned to allow amble time for the Ministry of Fishery to respond to issues relating to the Regulations raised by the MPs.

A joint-parliamentary committee meeting will convene before a report is drafted for submission into Parliament.

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