MPs who are yet to conduct parliamentary visit from last year will conduct public meetings with their electorates starting next week.

The volcanic eruption, Covid-19 and electoral petitions caused disruption to the Parliamentary annual constituency visits and Members were asked to conduct their visits whenever they see fit.

These include the new parliamentarian of Tongatapu 4 constituent, Hon. Mateni Tapueluelu, Vava’u 14 constituency MP, Hon. Dr. Saia Piukala, Ha’apai 13 and 12 MPs Hon. Veivosa Taka and Hon. Mo’ale Finau respectively.

In Tongatapu Hon. Mateni Tapueluelu will meet villagers of Patangata and Nukunukumotu next Monday. It is his first constituency meeting following his re-election as Tongatapu new MP. His parliamentary visit runs from March 6-20.

He is also scheduled to meet with the people of Popua, Touliki, Fangaloto and Houmakelikao next week.

Hon. Tapueluelu will also hold public meetings at the Bay ‘o Manumataongo, ‘Ovalau, Kumifonua 1 area, Touliki and Ha’amoko as well as Ma’ufanga and ‘Umusi.

Meanwhile Vava’u 14 People’s Representative in Parliament, Hon. Dr. Saia Piukala has organized 14 public meetings with his constituents starting next Thursday, March 9 until March 24.

His constituency visit kicks off at Tu’anuku and Longomapu next Thursday. Another two public meetings are scheduled for Vaimalo and Taoa for next Friday. Other public gathering is scheduled for Hunga, Ovaka and Lape Matamaka, Noapapu and ‘Otea, as well as Taunga, Falevai, Kapa, ‘Olo’ua and Ofu.

In the final week of his parliamentary visit, Dr. Piukala is also scheduled to meet villagers of Tefisi, Talihau, Okoa, ‘Utulei and Pangaimotu before wrapping up with visitation of different community projects.

In Ha’apai, Hon. Veivosa Taka - Ha’apai 13 constituency MP is to hold 12 community meetings starting from Muitoa next Monday (March 6). During his two weeks visit, he will conduct parliamentary meetings at Ha’ano, Pukotala, Fākakai, Faleloa, Ha’afakahenga, Ha’ateiho Si’i, Lotofoa, Fangale’ounga and Fotua.

Hon. Taka will also visit Ha’apai Governor’s Office and meet other government ministries.

Ha’apai 12 MP, Hon. Mo’ale Finau will follow suit with his constituency visit after next week.

The annual parliamentary visit is part of the Legislative Assembly’s effort to make Parliament more inclusive. MPs meet with their electorates and report back to the House issues affecting people’s daily lives.

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