The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Secretary General, Stephen Twigg, visited Tonga High School and Ocean of Light International School this morning.

The purpose of his visit was to speak to the students about the CPA, Commonwealth and to hear the voices of children and young people in Tonga.

In his visit to Tonga High School, he attended the school assembly where he was welcomed by the Principal Mrs. Sipola Halafihi, teachers and over 1,000 students.

In her welcoming speech, the principal told the Secretary General that his presence marks the beginning of the celebration for the school’s Diamond Jubilee.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General expressed his excitement to visit the school especially during the Diamond Jubilee celebration year.

Students at Tonga High School were given the opportunity to ask questions. Some of the questions asked during the program were related to the work of the CPA, Commonwealth, Youth Empowerment, Parliamentarians and others.

Ocean of Light International School

The CPA Secretary General, Stephen Twigg also visited Ocean of Light International School.

He was welcomed to the school by two Co-Directors, Saba Payman and Kalolaine Koluse and also students from the AS level.

At an assembly, Stephen Twigg spoke to the students about the work of CPA, Commonwealth and his passion for education.

“One of the pleasure of my job is I get the opportunity to visit schools across the world to meet with young people, to meet with children and to hear your voices,” said Stephen Twigg.

Students at Ocean of Light International School were also given the opportunity to ask questions to Secretary General. Some of these questions were about CPA, conflicts around the world, mental health and others.

During his visit to the two schools, the Secretary General told students that 2023 has been declared by Commonwealth as a year for youth.

The CPA Secretary General is in Tonga for the Post-Election Seminar co-hosted by CPA and the Legislative Assembly of Tonga for local Parliamentarians and some from the Pacific regions.




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