PARLIAMENT is adjourned today until September 19th to allow time for different Standing Committees to work on matters referred for them to work on before they are resubmitted for consideration by the House.

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Lord Lasike announced the adjournment in Parliament last Thursday, for the second time this month.

Pending matters include various tasks such as a public consultation to be conducted by the Law Standing Committee in Vava’u on the Royal Neiafu Township Ordinance 2010.

The same committee is also given the mandate by Parliament to review “Vava’u Grant Audit report”,over concerns that the constituency fund was misused.

Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Samiu Vaipulu suggested that it should be referred to the Law Committee to allow legal experts to review the report and at the same time, offer legal advice whether it’s possibleto press for civil or criminal charges.

Meanwhile, the Foreign, Defence and Trade Committee is to also undergo a public consultation onthe Companies Act 2010, a task required since it was raised in Parliament the public and the business community was never consulted.

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