MORE than 20 young girls of Camp GLOW Tonga visited Parliament on Tuesday.

Their field trip was part of programs aimed at inspiring and empowering young women to become female leaders in the future.

Campers include form three students with academic excellence and leadership potential as well as young women school leavers between the ages 18 – 21 who are at great risk of unplanned pregnancy, early marriage and financial dependency.

They were received by the Clerk Assistant and Education Officer Dr. Sione Vikilani, Deputy Clerk Mele Vaitohi, Legal Counsel Seinimili Fonua and the Standing Committee’s Secretary Elsie Tupou.

Dr. Vikilani briefed visitors on the functions and composition of Parliament as well as the role of MPs and how they are elected into the House. Other information such as rules of procedures of the Legislative Assembly was also provided for the campers.

Speaking on career development, Standing Committee’s Secretary, Elsie Tupou highlighted the importance of empowering women to become female leaders in future starting from female adolescents.

Questions that mostly raised by campers include the disciplinary measures impose on members of parliament when a parliamentarian disobeys the Standing orders and procedures.

Their trip to Parliament was designed to inspire its participants to continue their education to the highest level possible and to set ambitious personal goals.

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