A villager of Fangaloto has called on Government for  fair distribution of land for use by the people to further develop our economy.
It was a proposal for change in our land ownership system.

This was raised during a meeting of Tongatapu 4 constituency MP, Mateni Tapueluelu with his electorate on Monday night.
The villager who is also a civil servant Mosese Fatukala claimed majority of the land is owned by hereditary title and estate holder Nobles thus limiting resources available for use of land commercially.
Fatukala also acknowledged this is a very sensitive issue given our culture and our Tongan way of life. However, he proposed that Government should consider amending the existing Land Act to limit the land owned by Nobles.
“It is suggested that Nobles should have minimal five percentage ownership of land. Such land practice would allow each household to own land for subsistence farming and also for commercial purposes. People can lease land and cultivate it to help develop our economy,” explained Mr. Fatukala.
In response, Tongatapu 4 MP reassured his electorate that amendment to the Land Act is needed to honour Tupou I’s vision for Tonga.
“It was based on his recognition that security of tenure of smallholders was necessary to ensure that food would be assured and plentiful,” said Tapueluelu.
That was part of Tupou I’s vision for peace and stability in the Kingdom.
Tapueluelu also told attendees at Fangaloto meeting, a report by the Royal Land Commission report on proposals received from the public during public consultations in Tonga and overseas was never submitted to Parliament for discussion.
Such report he said is needed to be further reviewed and discussed in Parliament.
Fangaloto also called on Government for an installation of town officer in the area for executing of local government duties and responsibilities effectively and efficiency.
The proposal was supported by the meeting and cited difficulty in communication with the town officer of Kolofo’ou as one of the challenges they faced.
There is only one town officer allocated for Kolofo’ou and that covers the vast areas of Kolofo’ou, Fasi mo e Afi, Fangaloto, and other areas as well.
Twelve people attended the two hour Fangaloto meeting at Kenani Hall, Church of Tonga.

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