The number of people who have received their first does of Covid-19 vaccination have reached 99 percent and 91 have received their second dose. This was announced by the Hon. Prime Minister, Hu’akavameiliku during a press conference with the local media on Wednesday, 23rd of February 2022.

At the same time 57 people have recovered and 78 have been discharged. The active cases stands at 133.

AS coronavirus case number continues to rise in Tonga, the Hon. Minister of Health has confirmed people in MIQ have been tested positive for Omicron BA 2.

Hon. Saia Piukala revealed this during a Press Conference with the media.

He said a COVID-19 specimen was sent to New Zealand and has confirmed the subtype BA.2 Omicron variant type.

Last week, 25 passengers were tested positive of the coronavirus upon arriving from a repatriation flight from New Zealand last week. The COVID victims were re-assessed again and two only came positive. The specimen from the MIQ at Tanoa were sent to New Zealand, and it was confirmed of Omicron BA.2 variant type.

Hon. Piukala said this variant type is closely related to the original omicron variant, mild and more contagious. It has similar symptoms of Omicron B1 type as well.

As of Wednesday, a total of 20,562 COVID test have been made with 5,755 PCR test and 14,807 Rapid Antigen Test (RAT).

Dr. Piukala said there are 467 people who are yet to get first COVID shots and this is great news. He also thanked the media for their significant effort in educating the public on the importance of getting vaccinated. However, he also encouraged the media to continue their good job in encouraging the people to get their first dose vaccination.

The Health Minister also asserted despite there is a legislation in place to enforce its compulsory for the people to get vaccinated, the choice is left to them to freely get COVID shots.


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