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THE Legislative Assembly of Tonga is adjourned until tomorrow.

THE Legislative Assembly of Tonga today opens with a prayer led by the Speaker of the House, Lord Fakafanua.

In his prayer he calls on God’s continued guidance as the House begins the last session of the parliamentary term 2010-2014.

Meanwhile the new Noble Representative of the Niuas, Lord Fusitu’a was also sworn in as the new Member of Parliament.

LORD Fusitu'a has won the by-election for the Niuas Noble Representative to the Legislative Assembly of Tonga, according to information from Radio Tonga.

The by-election follows the passing of late Lord Fusitu’a last month.

Radio Tonga reports that Election Supervisor, Pita Vuki announced at 12pm today, that (42) Lord Fusitu’a won with two votes defeating other candidates Lord Fotofili and Lord Tangipa.

Lord Fusitu’a formerly known as Matai’ulua ‘i-Fonuamotu Fusitu’a was installed with the hereditary noble title earlier this month. He is the noble estate holder of Sapa’ata Niuafo’ou.

HIS Majesty King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipau’u Tuku’aho joined family, friends, loved ones, parliamentarians and diplomats in paying their last respect to Lord Fusitu’a at his funeral service at the Centenary Church, Nuku’alofa yesterday.

Lord Fusitu’a’s is noted with many achievement for Tonga.

Acting President Free Wesleyan Church (FWC) of Tonga, Tevita Havea highlighted this during the farewell funeral service for his lordship.

In his sermon the Acting President and General Secretary of FWC, Dr. Tevita Havea said Lord Fusitu’a was not only a man of words and an expert in the art of translations and interpretations, he speaks eloquently, and in articulation intelligently.

FORMER Speaker and Noble Representative of the Niuas has passed away at his residence at Kolomotu’a last Thursday, April 24th, 2014.

Lord Fusitu’a (87) is the oldest sitting member of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga.

He served as the Acting Speaker of Parliament in 1990 before he was appointed Speaker of the House for three terms from 1991-1998.

Late Lord Fusitu’a first entered politics in 1981.

He is the noble estate holder of Faletanu and Ma’ofanga in Niuafo’ou.

Meanwhile a spokesperson for the family says his funeral service is scheduled for Saturday, May 3rd.

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