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‘Parliament should be inclusive and the need for all gender and youth voices on different perspectives be heard’ says Speaker of Parliament. 

Lord Fakafanua made the remarks when he met 30 young girls of the ‘She leads Fale Alea’ Monday evening, 3rd of August. 

The Legislative Assembly of Tonga is adjourned until August 10.

Parliament to host 2020 “She leads Fale Alea” program next week  

THE Legislative Assembly of Tonga will host a weeklong program next week in collaboration with Tonga Youth Leaders to empower and expand young females' knowledge on the functions, rules, and protocols of Parliament. 

It is also an opportunity for individuals to experience how they can contribute to the highest body of decision-making.  

THE Legislative Assembly today held the last three sessions of public hearings on the Employment Relations Bill 2020.

THE Legislation Standing Committee is holding public hearings today on the Employment Relations Bill 2020.

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