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‘Oku fiefia mo loto mafana ‘a e Komiti ki he Fale Alea ‘a e Hou’eiki Fafine 2021, ‘a ia ‘oku Sea ai ‘a e ‘Eiki Sea ‘o e Fale Alea, Lord Fakafanua, ke fakahoko atu ‘a e kau memipa kuo fili ke kau mai ki he Fale Alea ‘a e Hou’eiki Fafine 2021.

THE Hon. Prime Minister Designate of the Tonga Youth Parliament 2021 today announced his 14 member Cabinet.

Hon. Kisione Vea Pakalani announced the ministerial portfolios during day two orientation.

The Prime Minister’s Cabinet comprised of the followings:

TONGA Youth Parliament (TYP) 2021 three-day orientation program now gets underway in Nuku’alofa from today until Wednesday, October 27 before the actual TYP sitting this Thursday and Friday, October 28th-29.

ʻOku mātuʻaki fiefia moʻoni ʻa e ʻEiki Sea ʻo e Fale Aleá, Lord Fakafanua pea mo e Kōmiti Ngáue ʻa e Fale Alea Toʻutupu 2021 ke fakahoko atu ʻa e ola ʻo e tohi kole mai ki he Fale Alea Toʻutupu 2021.

The Office of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga continues the momentum of its public awareness programs for the upcoming Tonga Youth Parliament 2021 (28 – 29 October) and Tonga Women Parliament 2021 (1 – 2 November).

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