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The Legislative Assembly of Tonga today joined the rest of the world in conveying their sincere sympathy to New Zealand for the terror attack in Christchurch at the weekend that claimed 50 lives.
A motion moved by the ‘Eua Noble’s Representative Lord Nuku to include Parliament’s Legislation Committee in the government’s public consultation on public Bills 1A to 6A was defeated this afternoon by 14 to 8 votes.

THE Chair of the Privilege Standing Committee has warned the public that forging ones signature is a serious offence. Lord Tu'iha'angana also cautioned that submission of forged documents to Parliament will be not tolerated in the future.

THE government has rejected calls for the Hon. Prime Minister to withdraw his official letter stating the Constitutional Amendment Bill is an emergency Bill. This would have paved the way for public consultation on Amendment Bill to the Constitution of Tonga 2019.
The House voted 11-9 against the proposal.

THE Tonga Chamber of Commerce has highlighted two issues for the Ministry of Commerce & Trade to consider for any public consultation regarding a Bill on business.

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