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  • (L-R)Chairman of the Agricultural & Fisheries Standing Committee Vili Hingano (far right) & Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Fe'ao Vakata (second to the left), Penisimani Fifita (Tongatapu 9 MP) (third to the right) and Members of the Young Farmers Federation Ltd (YFFL).
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  • Hon. Fe'ao Vakata, Penisimani Fifita, Vili Hingano & Koloti Seluini (YFFL)
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TO inform Members of the Agricultural and Fisheries Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly on ways to boost the agricultural sector is the purpose of a one day subject briefing for the MPs last week.

THE Legislative Assembly of Tonga today elected Tongatapu 2 constituency MP, Semisi Sika as the new Chairperson of the Whole House Committee for the 2015-2018 parliamentary term.

Mr. Sika was nominated by Ha'apai 13 constituency MP, Veivosa Taka.
No other nomination was put forward.

THE Legislative Assembly of Tonga today elected Tongatapu 1 MP, ‘Akilisi Pohiva as the new Prime Minister of Tonga.

15 parliamentarians voted in favour of Mr. Pohiva while 11 voted for Vava’u 16 MP, Samiu Kuita Vaipulu.

Pohiva is the first commoner to become Tonga’s PM under the new political reform that was implemented in 2010.

The House also elects Tongatapu number 3 Noble Representative, Lord Tu’ivakano as the new Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

Lord Tu’ivakano won the hearts of 15 MPs while 11 voted for Lord Tu’i’afitu and he became his Deputy.

Meanwhile the House is scheduled to reconvene on January 20 that is within six weeks after the return of election writs to the King.

The new PM and the rest of MPs will take their oath before the Legislative Assembly.


PARLIAMENT is adjourned until 2.30pm so the Interim Speaker Rt.Hon Lord Tupou could have an audience with the King to report the winning candidate to become Tonga’s new Prime Minister.

Rt. Hon Lord Tupou announces this after the newly elected MPs casted their secret ballot.

When the House resumes at 2.30pm, Lord Tupou will announce the results of the secret ballots.

It will be followed by the election of a Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly immediately.

Only Noble Representatives are eligible candidates for Speaker and Deputy Speaker positions.

If there is only one nomination, that Noble shall be the Speaker and the meeting will proceed to elect the Deputy Speaker.

If there are more than one nomination, a secret ballot will be conducted.

INTERIM Speaker Rt Hon. Lord Tupou officially announces the two nominations for the Prime Minister in Parliament this morning.

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