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The Interim Speaker of the Legislative  Assembly  of Tonga will convene a meeting with the Elected Representatives to the Legislative  Assembly  of Tonga on Monday  181h  December  2017. 10am, at the Legislative  Assembly  of Tonga.  The Interim  Speaker  will chair and lead this meeting  where the  Elected  Representatives will  elect  the  Prime  Minister  Designate from  the  two  nominated Candidates.  The  names  of the  Candidates  and  those  who  moved  and  seconded  their  respective nominations  will  be revealed  at the meeting.  After the election  of the Prime  Minister  Designate, the meeting  will  proceed  to the election  of the  Speaker  and Deputy  Speaker  of the  Legislative Assembly  of Tonga.

Media operators  may live broadcast  the proceedings  of the meeting  on radio, television.  and the internet.  A media  guideline  to regulate  the attendance  of media  personnel  is available  from  the Office  of  the  Legislative   Assembly   of  Tonga's   website   (www.parliament.gov.to).  The   full programme  for the meeting  is also available  at the website.


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