SOME parliamentarians have started their parliamentary annual visit to their respective electorates in 2019.

 This annual program is an opportunity for the legislators to visit their constituencies to talk and to hear from villagers on issues affecting their daily lives. It is also to collect information on the urgent need they want Parliament to address. 

 Both Ha’apai MPs and also Tongatapu 5 constituency MPs last week began their annual visit. 

 Today, Ha’apai 13 MP Hon. Veivosa Taka and parliamentary supporting staff this morning visited the Ministry of Health and a public meeting at Muitoa at 6 pm today. Public meetings for Ha’ano, Pukotala and Fakakai for Ha’apai 13 electorates are being scheduled for next week. 

 Meanwhile, Ha’apai 12 MP, Mo’ale Finau and team are visiting Ha’ato’u and also government primary schools in Pangai later on today. They will conclude their program next Monday.

Today, Tongatapu 6 constituency MP Hon. Poasi Tei wraps up its annual visit program with a public meeting scheduled for Hofoa at FWC Hall, 6 o’clock today.

Tongatapu 3 MP Hon. Siaosi Sovaleni will start his public forum with his constituency at ‘Amaile/Kolofo’ou and Ngela’ia next Monday. Today their team held talks with Fasi and Ngele’ia Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) to see which area they need assistance with. Tongatapu 9 constituency Hon. Penisimani Fifita this morning also paid a visit to Fu’amotu and Mu’a Health Centres as part of their parliamentary visit program. 

The rest of their program includes more public meetings scheduled for Holonga and Pelehake, Toloa, Tatakamotonga and ‘Alaki next week. 

For Tongatapu 10 constituency, Hon. Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa is to hold a public meeting at Makaunga at the community hall at 7 pm this evening. Their team will visit ‘Eueiki at 10 am tomorrow.

Meanwhile Tongatapu 4 MP Hon. Mateni Tapueluelu has scheduled another public meeting for ‘Umusi and the Bay ‘o Manumataongo area at the FWC Hall, ‘Anana at 7 pm tomorrow. Another one for Ma’ufanga and the Makamaka area has been arranged for next Monday and a final one at Houmakelikao for the Touliki and Fangaloto residents next Wednesday.

At the same time, Tongatapu 8 MP Hon. Semisi Fakahau has confirmed the commencement of similar programs next month from August 5-16.

Road maintenance, improving water supply and street lights is among common urgent needs raised from the communities in the past parliamentary visits for the Government to address and take action.

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