THE Ministry of Trade and Economic Development has been given until 2:00pm today to provide information needed with regards to a concern raised in Parliament regarding the prices of chicken in Vava’u.

Reports from Vava’u a retail price for a carton of chicken is over TOP$100.00.

The Vava’u No. 2 Noble Representative Lord Tu’ilakepa told Parliament he learned of the price hike while on the island on his way back from the Niuas last week.

Lord Tu’ilakepa said according to a very reliable source the soaring price is attributed to an increase in the freight of chicken carton which is $30.00 per carton charged by the MV ‘Otuanga’ofa from Nuku’alofa to Neiafu.

The Minister of Trade and Economic Development Hon. Dr. Viliami Latu said the Competent Authority handle the matter as efforts have been made to sort out the problem with the prices of chicken products.

‘Eua 11 MP Dr. Taniela Fusimalohi also raised similar concerns faced by the people of ‘Eua.

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Lord Fakafanua said it is important that the Minister of Trade and Economic Development provides Parliament with information including the price of a carton of chicken retail per kilo, the formula use for calculation of its prices, freight and the 15 percent mark up prices as well the Consumption Tax or CT on chicken products.

Lord Fakafanua told the Minister of Trade and Economic Development Hon. Dr. Viliami Latu to provide the necessary information needed for discussion in Parliament by 2:00pm today.

He also directed ‘Eua 11 constituency MP Dr. Taniela Fusimālohi to provide the freight cost of transporting chicken to ‘Eua.

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