This week, the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) proudly celebrates the 16th anniversary of its Annual Law Week, focusing on the theme "Law Making Processes". This theme highlights the processes, procedures and collaboration that shapes law making in Tonga. Yearly, Law Week has served as a space to bring greater public awareness to a variety of legal issues the AGO thought was worth exploring.

This year, AGO recognizes Parliament's pivotal role in our democratic system in terms of law making, where legislative ideas are introduced either as public or private bills which are in turn debated and transformed into laws that govern our society.

This Law Week honors the dedication of His Majesty and Privy Council, the executive, parliamentarians, and citizens play in navigating the complexities of law-making.

Parliament serves as a platform for diverse perspectives, fostering rigorous debate and inclusive decision-making through committees and consultations. The Lord Speaker and the Legislative Assembly continues to support the AGO by collaborating closely to make laws that reflect Tonga’s collective will to uphold justice, transparency, and accountability and foster greater prosperity and peace.

#LawWeek2023 #LawMakingProcesses

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