The Auditor’s General’s Financial and Compliance Audits Report 2020/21-2021/22 has been referred to the Public Accounts Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly for further scrutiny.

The 156-page special report was submitted to Parliament in accordance with the section 24 of the Public Audit Act 2007. It summarizes the results of all financial and compliance audits carried out in the specified financial years to assist the oversight functions of Parliament.

It was tabled in the House yesterday and the Lord Speaker Fakafanua refers it to the Finance and Public Accounts Committee to review it and report back to Parliament on Monday.

In Clause 174 (1) of Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, the Standing Committee on Finance and Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is responsible for all matters pertaining to the

  1. Collection of all public income
  2. Proper expending of all public monies
  3. Annual Estimates;
  4. Accounts of the receipts and expenditure of all Government ministries or bodies including the financial accounts.
  5. All reports of the Auditor General (including reports of the result of efficiency or management audits.

The Chair and Members of the Finance and PAC Committee yesterday met and meets again at 3:00pm today to work on the Auditor’s report.

Parliament has been adjourned until next Monday (August 14) to enable the Finance and PAC Committee and other parliamentary standing Committee like the Privilege Standing Committee to work on pending issues before reporting back to Parliament.

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