The Acting Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga Lord. Tu’iha’angana this morning welcomed the Director-General of the Chinese Bureau for North American, Oceanian and Nordic Affairs of the IDCPC, Dr. Zhou Rongguo and his delegation to the Legislative Assembly of Tonga.

The acting Speaker was joined by the Tongatapu 1 People’s Representative Hon. Tevita Puloka, People’s Representative for Tontatapu 5, Hon. Dr. ‘Aisake Eke, Tongatapu 6 people’s Representative, Hon. Dulcie Tei and Hon. Kapelieli Lanumata, the Tongatapu 10 people’s Representative.

During the meeting, Lord Tu’iha’angana expressed his sincere appreciation towards the government and the people of the Republic of China for all the assistance that they have provided to the people of Tonga in their time of need especially after the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai Volcanic eruption and the Tsunami and the covid pandemic.

Lord Tu’iha’anga also expressed the appreciation on the Peace Ark’s visit which saw thousands of Tongans visit the ship and took advantage of the medical services that they provided.

China has built infrastructures throughout Tonga and contributed a lot to Tonga’s development. Tonga’s Legislative Assembly has been received generous donations from China such as ICT equipment and other donations. Various delegations from the Legislative Assembly of Tonga have visited China in the past as part of exchange programs between the Chinese and Tongan Parliaments.

Lord Tu’iha’angana also assured Dr. Zhou and his delegation that Tonga remains committed to the One China policy and the respect it has held to each other’s sovereignty. Tonga firmly pursues the one-China principle and will continue to take it as the cornerstone to continuously push forward bilateral relations.

Dr. Zhou Ronggou expressed his gratitude towards the Legislative Assembly of Tonga for inviting him and his delegation. He stressed the ongoing support that China is receiving from Tonga in the world stage, and he is confident and optimistic about the ongoing relationship and cooperation between Tonga and China.

He stressed that the relationship between Tonga and China is forever strong and can be true with the saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

Members of Parliament also spoke of the ongoing support they receive from China such as the tractors among other assistances that assist people in their constituencies and hope to continue to other areas including sports.

This is the first time for Dr. Dr. Zhou Rongguo and his delegation to visit Tonga.

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