THE actual Practice Parliament for Women in Tonga in a real Parliament setting will take place tomorrow at the Legislative Assembly Chamber.

A bill on Order in Public Places 2014 will be tabled in for members of the Practice Parliament to deliberate on.

Other agendas of the House includes three motions for an order on Youth Justice and Youth Diversion Program, Establishing local and overseas market for women’s handicrafts and Reserve seats for Women in Parliament.

Two petitions will also be submitted to Parliament. One is a petition seeking ways to alleviate both air and inter island ferry service to the Niuas.

The second one is a petition calling for protection of coastal areas in the Ha’apai groups.

Meanwhile participants of the Practice Parliament are now rehearsing their speeches and familiarizing with the legislative protocol in preparation for tomorrow.

Speaker Lord Fakafanua and Clerk of the Legislative Assembly Gloria Pole’o briefed the nominated women the protocol and rules of debate in the Chamber.

Stations with researchers and public speech assistants also helped participants with their researches and drafting of their debate speeches.

The initiative is co-funded by the Australian Aid Programme through the UNDP’s Tonga Good Governance Strengthening Programme and the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) aims to boost female representation in politics.

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