THE Parliamentary Education Unit starts its outreach school visit program for 2015 by visiting Tonga Side Schools at Nuku‘alofa today.

The program which includes a talking session along with a video presentation aims to update and further broaden teachers’ and student’s understanding on the works of Parliament.

Issues discussed include the core functions of Parliament, law making process and the new political reform implemented in 2010.

Deputy Clerk of the Legislative Assembly Office, Dr. Sione Vikilani leads the program with the assistance of the Parliament Education Officer Mr. Manase Foukimoana.

Foukimoana reports the discussion and dialogue after the presentation highlighted the effort the teachers put into teaching of the Tongan Society and Culture subject which covers topic related to roles and how Government and Parliament works.

The outreach programme will continue next week to the secondary schools in the Nuku‘alofa area.

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