A former MP of Ha’apai has kindly shipped 550,000 liters of petroleum to Ha'apai after experiencing fuel shortages for two weeks now.

Ha’apai 12 constituency MP, Vili Hingano reveals in Parliament that the fuel supplies from 'Uliti Uata was shipped to Ha'apai last night for his gas station at Pangai.

Hingano said while efforts have been made with Government to assist Ha'apai, the former MP who is now in a wheelchair still have big hearts for Ha’apai. Therefore, he thanked Mr. Uata’s for his generous contribution to Ha'apai.

Yesterday, Hingano said Ha’apai has been without fuel supplies for two weeks. Hence, he urged Government to urgently address the problem.  

Three gas stations in Ha’apai are reportedly running out of fuel and no plentiful supplies to meet the local demand.

Hingano was in Ha’apai at the weekend and returned to Nuku’alofa yesterday morning and informed Parliament about the situation after witnessing some vehicles parking on the roadside due to the fuel shortage.  

For this reason, he has called for a prompt response from the Government to address the urgency of the matter.

Ha’apai 12 MP also mentioned, it’s sad to see students walking to school from Foa to Pangai.

He said the most unfortunate ones are those in the outer islands for their only means of transportation is by traveling by boat to and from the main island.

“In emergency cases if a sick person or someone needs to be transported from the island to the main island, this is a huge problem,” explained MP Hingano.

For possible solutions to the problem, Hingano called on the Government to consider building an oil depot on to ensure supplies are enough to meet the local demand.

He maintained this is an ongoing problem that needs to be dealt with urgently.

Meanwhile, Ha’apai number one Noble Representative, Lord Tu’iha’angana argued a depot is a lengthy process for the Government to undertake and would not address the most urgent needs the islanders are facing now.  

Therefore, he suggested that in the near future, Government should consider subsidizing the local gas stations in Ha’apai to ensure plentiful supply of petroleum products are made available for the locals.  

In response the Acting Prime Minister, Hon. Siaosi Sovaleni Government will take further action to address the situation.
Cabinet has yet to report back to Parliament on what actions have been done to address the problem.

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