Tonga High School students & teachers presented with brochures on Parliament

VIDEO presentation on the legislation process was effective in getting out the message across to teachers and students of Tonga High School.

This was conveyed to the Parliamentary Outreach Team after a briefing session with form 2 students and Tonga Society and Culture (TSC) teachers earlier today.

An invitation was made to the team to brief students and teachers in their preparation for the Tonga Society and Culture (TSC) subject examination next week.

The school was briefed on what Parliament is, its roles and core functions.

Both teachers and students were also briefed on the legislative process.

The Parliamentary Outreach team was also amazed to find students asking questions about the work of Parliament, which shows they are keen to know more about Parliament.

Students and teachers were also reminded that the Legislative Assembly is our Parliament.

TSC subject teacher Hea Tukutau says together with the briefing session on what Parliament is and the legislation process helps both teachers and students to further their knowledge and understanding of the legislative works.

The outreach team has visited primary, middle and high schools in Tongatapu as well as the Niuas, Ha’apai, Vava’u and ‘Eua.

The outreach program is the Legislative Assembly's effort to take Parliament out to the community.


Students even take notes during the video presentation on Parliament



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