THE CPA Branch of the Northern Territory is hosting the 2015 CPA Australia and Pacific Regional Conference at Parliament House in Darwin today until Thursday, November 26.

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga, Lord Tu’ivakano and Deputy Clerk Dr. Sione Vikilani is representing the Tongan Parliament at the event.

This year’s theme is Vulnerability – aims to give participants an opportunity to reflect on matters of political, cultural, agricultural and national security matters in the parliamentary context.

Session on the Vulnerability of Parliament allow participants to explore threats posed by the dominance of the party system, threats posed by the dominance of the Executive, budgetary threats, the vulnerability of Committee systems and the threats to attracting Members of Parliament.

On the Vulnerability of People session, participants will consider border security, food security, water security, vulnerability to disease outbreak, vulnerability caused by technology or lack of it, and the impact of social media.

Participants will also examine the global markets, single industrialized economies, the mining sector, agricultural sector, tourism, micro economies, and the value of women to economies and the exploitation of labour forces during the Economic Vulnerability session.

They will also consider the Reputational Vulnerability of Parliament and risks. This includes corruption, anti corruption agencies, Member behavior and code of conduct, electoral fraud and accountability, financial scrutiny and declaration and parliamentary scrutiny.

CPA and the Legislative Assembly of Tonga is co-sponsoring the trips.

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