GOVERNMENT commits to reduce Tonga’s reliance on fossil fuel and use of renewable energy by 50 percent in 2020.

That commitment includes reducing the cost of power electricity as well.

The price of electricity now is 70 seniti per unit.

The Hon. Minister of Public Enterprises, Poasi Tei revealed this when Parliament recently debated on vote for the Ministry of Public Enterprise.

He said among the top issue raised in public forum is why electricity cost is still expensive despite running two solar farms.

“Now as a result of the photovoltaic installation in Tonga, six seniti deduction is taken from the cost of electricity,” explained the Hon. Minister.

Hon. Tei maintained Cabinet is committing to honour the visions set from the past government administration to reducing Tonga’s dependence on fossil fuel and undertaking wind turbine and other forms of renewable energy.

He said should Tonga achieves its targeted goal, the cost of electricity will be 38 seniti per unit.

However he informed MPs with the global hike in oil prices predicted for this week, the cost of fuel will increase as well. The six seniti deduction remains unaffected.

Hon. Tei said the more Tonga uses other forms of renewable energy from the sun and wind the lower the cost of electricity will be.

At the moment, Government is experiencing fewer sponsorship of photovoltaic projects and according to Tei they are working closely with the Energy Department in seeking further donor funded solar projects.

This also prompted the Tonga Power Electricity Limited to also seek further assistance from overseas solar companies to install solar projects and selling it to TPL in affordable and cheaper prices than its original cost now.

According to Hon. Tei Government has fulfilled its original plan to reduce the cost of electricity by 15 percent.

“Now the price of electricity has reduced by 20 percent,” said the Hon. Minister of Public Enterprises.

He also asserted MPs that Cabinet is ready to take action to reducing and making the price of electricity affordable to its consumers should the oil world prices soars again.

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