TO enable parliamentarians to influence, legislate, scrutinize and advocate for national security within their respective countries including Tonga is the aim of a weeklong International Parliamentary Conference on National security starting in Westminster, London today.

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Lord Tu’ivakano is representing Tonga at the weeklong meeting from March 27 – 31.

Other objectives of the London meeting is to advocate for the engagement of legislators in the national security discourse. It is also to broaden the knowledge of parliamentarians on the key threats and challenges to national security and stability and explore how they may be effectively mitigated.

The meeting also explores the mechanisms that parliamentarians may use to influence and hold governments, international security organisations and private organisations to account. Examine and strengthen the relationship between governments, parliaments, civil society, the private sector, the media and international and regional bodies with the aim of building effective national security.

Its outcome is to collaborate with leading global organisations and experts in the development of an International Parliamentary Conference on National Security which lead to the establishment of an international community of good practice by April this year.

It is anticipated that participants will increase knowledge and build the capacity of parliamentarians and parliamentary institutions on national security by delivering the associated Commonwealth Cyber security and Cybercrime Project and linked International Parliamentarians’

Participants will also produce a conference closing report and follow up bilateral and multilateral partnerships to parliaments where required.

This year’s theme is “The Role of Parliamentarians in securing the state and its citizens from countering extremism to cyber security.

This is part of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Cyber security and Cybercrime Project.

Ms. Gloria Pole’o, the Clerk of Parliament, is accompanying the Speaker to the London meeting.

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