THE Speaker of the Legislative Assembly this morning reminded legislators of their duties and the need for them to comply with the Constitution and the law of Tonga.

Lord Fakafanua outlines the five core functions of Parliament that is to 

i. Pass and enact laws
ii. Amend legislation
iii. Appoint the Prime Minister who then appoints Cabinet Ministers
iv. Approve the national budget
v. Scrutinize the work of the Executive

The Speaker asserted these core functions are stated in the Constitution and the Law.

He also pointed out other matters that are irrelevant to their work is not the House’s agenda.

Lord Fakafanua also emphasized his role is to guide their deliberation so they are accountable to the Law, Constitution and Parliament’s Rules and Regulations.

He also asked MPs to follow the House’s Rules and Regulations to avoid discussion on matters outside the business agenda.

Meanwhile Parliament’s deliberation is scheduled to run until the end of March.


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