THE Hon. Prime Minister has announced a one-week national lockdown restrictions for Tongatapu only over a one COVID-19 cases recorded in Tonga.

This is according to sections 37 and 39 of the Emergency Management Act.

Hon. Dr. Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa made the announcement during a Press Conference with the media on Monday.

At the weekend, the PM made a national announcement that Tonga is no longer a free Covid-19 country. One traveler from the 215 passengers on board an Air New Zealand flight from Christchurch last Wednesday (October 27) was tested positive with the coronavirus.

This has prompted the announcement of the national lockdown which came into effect at 12:01 am November 2 until 11:59 pm, November 8 (next Monday).
Night curfews will be from 8:00 pm – 6:00am.

The people are being advised to observe and promote social distancing, always use protective clothing, wash hands and follow all Public Health Advisories.

Meanwhile the public are recommended to stay home unless there is urgency to get essential supplies for families including subsistence fishing and subsistence harvesting of crops, vegetable and fruits.

Other exceptions for people out and about includes obtaining medical supplies or seeking urgent medical assistance. They are also allowed to get COVID-19 vaccinations, access to banking and other financial services, attending to livestock or attending work as a member of an essential service provider.

The Legislative Assembly Office is one of the essential service providers and will continue to operate. Core staff are attending work from 8:30am – 4:30pm and rest of the staff work from home. Those work from home must submit their work report to HODs by Friday.

Ngaahi tuutuuni fakangatangata fakafonua ki he tapuni fakataputapui COVID 19 (Tongatapu)-1

National Covid 19 Lockdown(Tongatapu) Restrictions Directions

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