THE 2022 parliamentary constituency visits start today15th, August. This is an opportunity for MPs to meet their electorates to discuss issues impacting people’s lives.

It runs for three weeks from today August 15 until September 2.

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Lord Fakafanua confirmed this in Parliament last week.

During the parliamentary visit, the legislators meet with their constituency to hear and finding solutions for a way forward in dealing with issues affecting their daily lives.

Meanwhile constituency visits for Tongatapu 4, 6, 7 and Ha’apai 12 will be postponed until a representative for each constituency is elected in the bielections.

MPs in Tongatapu, ‘Eua and Vava’u begins their annual parliamentary visit today except for the Niuas and Ha’apai.

Constituency visit for Ha’apai is scheduled for early next year.


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