THE Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, ​Lord Fakafanua today presented 90 laptops to four secondary schools including Tupou College, Queen Salote, Takuilau, Tailulu and Tonga Girls Guide thanks to the generous contribution of ‘Akanesi Mataitonga Trust and Moana Trust of New Zealand. 

30 laptops were donated for Tupou College, 18 for Queen Salote College, Takuilau with 13, 20 for Tailulu College and 9 for Tonga Girls Guide.

Trustee of the ‘Akanesi Mataitonga Trust, Meleane Chen says this Trust based in New Zealand has been recently providing aid to Tonga and other Pacific Islands during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes providing hospital beds to Vaiola Hospital. 

Disruption to school programs were greatly affected by the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai volcanic eruptions and tsunami coupled with COVID-19 reaching Tonga.

Hence, the ‘Akanesi Mataitonga Trust decided to provide laptop assistance to students who really need it but cannot afford it. 

Mrs. Chen says the initial assistance targeted students in forms 5,6 and 7.  

In his keynote address the Lord Speaker Fakafanua urged students to look after these much-needed equipment to help with their studies for a brighter and better future for their families, church and the nation as a whole.   

He also advised them to use the laptops wisely for it was evident from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and also the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai volcanic eruptions and tsunami, technology plays a significant role in education and will have a significant impact in our world’s future.  

He said youth unemployment is one of the many challenges Tonga is now facing with up to 2000 secondary school leavers finish from school annually and no job available for them. Hence, the Lord Speaker encouraged them to sharpen their mind and study hard to have a good job in the future.  

The Hon. Speaker also stressed to students they are the future generation and therefore they continue their studies after high school and that they should not be a parasite who lived off people.  

He said according to the last Census more than 2000 secondary school leavers in Tonga graduate from high school annually and unemployment is an issue. For this reason, Lord Fakafanua advised students they should have a dream of what they will become in the future, and work very hard to achieve it by performing well in school. This is so they can have a job and provide for themselves in the future.  

Reverend Tuluta Fisi’ihoi of Tupou College, Toloa on behalf of the recipient schools thanked the Speaker for the reminder to students on the importance to do dwell in school. He also acknowledged the great contribution of the ‘Akanesi Mataitonga Trust and Moana Trust towards student’s learning.  

More laptops will be donated to recipients next week.  

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