THE Chairman of the Tonga Parliament Anti-Corruption Standing Committee Hon. Dr. ‘Uhilamoelangi Fasi has been endorsed on Monday night at Qatar Parliament in Doha as the new Chairman of Global Organisation of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) Oceania.  
Secretary of the Global Organisation of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC), John Hyde made the announcement during day one of the Anti-Corruption Workshop to enhance the role of the Tonga’s Parliament Anti-Corruption Standing Committee at Ancient Tonga, Nuku’alofa. 
Hyde expressed his delightness for Dr. Fasi’s appointment and Tonga’s effort to continue in the fight against corruption in the regional and the international level again. 
Hon. Dr. ’Uhilamoelangi Fasi an academic was appointed the Chair of the Legislative Assembly’s Anti-Corruption Committee since entering Partliament  in 2022.  
His appointment coincides with the first day in office of Tonga’s new Anti-Corruption Commissioner’s first day in office. And what a coincidence his appointment happened on his birthday. 
“I am elated and honoured and at the same time I am expecting a lot of challenges. It’s going to be a challenging job.” 
Dr. Fasi’s appointment as GOPAC Oceania Chair replaces the late Lord Fusitu’a who passed away earlier this year. He shared that it is going to be a challenging job. 
“First of all, I am not a lawyer, it’s going to be difficult for me to fit into Lord Fusitu’a’s shoes. Because He was very conservant on the issue and was on top of things. And I have a lot to learn. It’s going to be a lot of learning and a lot, trying to sort out the challenges." 
The MPs Anti-Corruption workshop held this week is to enhance the role of the Anti-Corruption Standing Committee. Dr. Fasi said similarly after the two-day training there is volume of work waiting for the members of the Committee to do. 
“So, I am anticipating a lot of work, again lots of challenges. And we may need all the support we need both the House and outside the House 
Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee shared that one of their work plans is the need to strengthen and enhance the cooperation and collaboration of Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) anti-corruption bodies (Ombudsman and Anti-Corruption Commissioner), Auditor general and Parliament Committees."
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