MEMBERS of Parliament have been urged to continue the momentum in supporting our ‘Ikale Tahi Team despite being defeated by Georgia in 17-10 points during its game in the 2015 Rugby World Cup in London on Sunday.

The Hon. Minister of Internal Affairs Fe’ao Vakata said although Tonga was defeated our team still has a chance to compete in the World Cup match series.

Tonga is scheduled to play against Namibia next Tuesday (September 29) with two more games with Argentina (October 4) and the mighty All Black on October 9.

Therefore he called for a nationwide ongoing support of our team.

“..Our constituencies and Government ministries need to support our rugby players. Continue wearing red and the float parade in support of our team,” said Hon. Vakata.

On Tuesday, Vava’u Noble Representative Sea acknowledged the team’s performance on Sunday as satisfactory by thanking the Captain of the ‘Ikale Tahi and the players for their effort during their first encounter with Georgia.

He added Tonga should continue to give support to our team for the sacrifice they have made to represent our island nation.

“The players left their family and loved ones to commit their time to go and represent Tonga in the World Cup,” said Lord Tu’ilakepa.

Hence he also reminded Parliament that other world rugby teams were well prepared for the event as well.

He believed through prayers and support for the ‘Ikale Tahi would make a difference.

“That’s not the end of the game series … we all pray for Tonga to win but in sports there is always a winner and a loser. So I ask MPs to support our ‘Ikale Tahi team,” pleaded Lord Tu’ilakepa.

The Speaker of Parliament Lord Tu’ivakano also asserted the House this is a Rugby World Cup event and not a national event.

Therefore he added the players are bearing a heavy burden in representing our country.

“We hope and pray the ‘Ikale Tahi would continue to be brave and strong in their endeavor,”said Lord Tu’ivakano.

Meanwhile Ha’apai number 2 Noble Representative Lord Tu’iha’ateiho called on the rugby players to be strong, have faith in God and play hard.

“Win or lose, no matter what, Tongans are winners,” Lord Tu’iha’ateiho proudly said

He was making reference to other Tongan players who played tremendously in other teams like Japan and England.

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