THE Legislative Assembly of Tonga in partnership with the UNDP Tonga Governance Strengthening Programme (TGSP) is hosting a Parliament Open Day today, September 25, 2015 in effort to raise the public’s understanding on the works of Parliament.

This year’s motto is ‘Our Parliament’.

The event kicks off today at 9:30am-4pm to provide students, NGOs, CSOs and the general public with information about what Parliament is, its role and functions. Similar to the Parliament Week that was undertaken last October, the Parliament Open Day for will emphasize the push for greater transparency and accountability to the citizens of Tonga.

The invited guests will visit three different stations which will be specifically set up to explain different aspects of the work of Parliament.

Station one would be an overview of Parliament that includes ‘What is Parliament’, ‘Separation of Power’ and will be distributing Parliament brochures. Station two focuses on the role of Committees. Members of Parliament will be present to help explain to visitors what their role is as well as taking part in some question and answer sessions.

Station three would include a tour inside the Parliament Chamber. and a video presentation.

The general public is invited to join the program and are advised to wear Tongan traditional attire when visit Parliament.

It is expected that the Parliament Open Day will emphasize the profile of Parliament’s work and increase the public’s role in the governance of the country.

The UNDP (TGSP) and Parliament are co-sponsoring the event.

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