His Majesty King Tupou VI has reminded parliamentarians of their important role as a legislator.

That is, they should read and clearly understand the laws, Constitution and the House’s Rules and Standing Orders.

The Number 3 Noble Representative, Lord Vaha’i conveyed the King’s message to Parliament when it was in session morning.

Lord Vaha’i said the King warmly welcomed himself and Tongatapu 5 MP, Losaline Ma’asi during their audience last Friday.

In addition, Ma’asi said the King Tupou VI advised MPs they should read and understand the law, Constitution, Bills or the Houses’ Rules and Standing Orders before engaging in Parliament’s discussion.

That is to avoid getting lost in the debate simply because of a misunderstanding.

Ma’asi added it was also the King’s wish that MPs work in together and every discussion made they should compromise and achieve a consensus.

In a reply to the King’s opening speech to Parliament, legislators pledged to work together and perform their roles to their utmost best for the good of the nation.

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