THE Legislative Assembly of Tonga will host a weeklong program next week in collaboration with Tonga Youth Leaders to empower and expand young females' knowledge on the functions, rules, and protocols of Parliament. 

It is also an opportunity for individuals to experience how they can contribute to the highest body of decision-making.  

“She leads Fale Alea” program will kick off on Monday, August 3 until Saturday, August 8.  

The annual female-led program began in 2018 was called the “Girls take over Parliament.” It has been changed to “She leads Fale Alea ‘o Tonga” this year aims to unleash the strengths of young women, and girls in leadership roles. It is also to inspire more young Tongan females to consider and pursue a political career.  

The program gives the opportunity for up to 30 young Tongan women and girls, between the ages of 16-34 to voice their perspectives on matters of national, and regional interest in a Parliament setting.  

Participants will be able to understand and identify the concept of democracy, good governance, transparency, equality, and accountability.  

Another session will be on the Constitution of Tonga, political reform implemented in 2010, and explanation on key changes. Other issues of interest for the girl MPs include Bills and the legislative process, COVID-19 “Good Health and Wellbeing,” and mental health facilities for Youth.  

“She leads Fale Alea ‘o Tonga” program is also an opportunity for participants to be familiarized with how motion is prepared and presented to Parliament, Bills process as well as how a petition is presented to Parliament and discussed. 

A networking lunch with be provided for available Members of Parliament and successful current and former female Parliamentarians.   

“She Leads Fale Alea ‘o Tonga” provides a formula to the extremely low female representation in politics by educating and empowering our young women and girls with the knowledge, resources, and networks to not only learn more about the political system in Tonga.  

 The weeklong program is kindly co-sponsored by the Legislative Assembly of Tonga and the UNFPA. 

‘We are very grateful to our partners Fale Alea ‘O Tonga, who has made this a possibility every year since 2018, and to UNFPA who have strengthened our efforts this year to empower our young women and girls,” Founding CEO, Tonga Youth Leaders said. 

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