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Due to technical issues, we are unable to stream live the Parliamentary debates today. We apologise for this unforeseen issue. However, our ICT team is currently working on the problem caused by the huge amount of traffic our site is receiving. We will advise you once our Live Stream is up and running.

Kuo tu’utu’uni ‘e he 'Eiki Sea ‘o e Fale Alea ‘o Tonga, Lord Fakafanua, ke fakasi'isi'i 'a e tautea 'o e Fakafofonga Tongatapu 7, Hon. Paula Piveni Piukala, 'a ia na'a ne tu'utu'uni 'i he 'aho 20 Fepueli 2024 ke fakahifo mei hono sea 'i he Fale Alea 'i he 'aho 'e 7.

FOUR candidates have been confirmed to vie for Vava’u 14 vacant electoral seat in Parliament in the by-election in March.

LORD Speaker, Lord Fakafanua and  Members of Parliament joined family and loved ones in paying homage to former Member of Parliament, late Lord Fusitu’a during a farewell memorial service at the Centenary Church, Nuku’alofa yesterday.

Live streaming of audio of deliberations of meetings of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga will commence on Monday 26th of February 2024. The public can access the live stream on the Legislative Assembly of Tonga's website and social media pages.

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