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The time allowed  for receiving  nominations  from  the Elected  Representatives   to the Legislative Assembly  of Tonga of an Elected Representative  as a Candidate  for the Prime  Minister  Designate closed  at 4:30pm  today,  Thursday   14th December  2017.  A total  of  two  (2)  nominations   were received  by the Office of the Interim Speaker of the Legislative  Assembly  of Tonga.

The first nomination  was received  on Tuesday  5th December 2017. from Hon. Pohiva Tuionetoa, People's  Representati ve for T ongatapu  10. The second nomination  was recei ved on Thursday  14th December  2017  from  Hon.  Samiu  Kuita  Vaipulu,  People's   Representative   for Vava'u   15. The details  of the nominations   will be revealed  by the Interim  Speaker  of the Legislative  Assembly, Lord Tangi  "0  Vaonukonuka,   when the Elected Representatives  meet at a meeting he will convene [or the election  of the Prime Minister  Designate.

The  Interim  Speaker  of the Legislative  Assembly  will announce  on Friday  15thDecember  2017 the  date  of  the  meeting   he  will  convene  with  the  Elected  Representatives   to  the  Legislative Assembly  where they wi II elect the Prime Minister Designate, then continue on to elect the Speaker and Deputy  Speaker  of the Legislative  Assembly  of Tonga.

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