FORMER Speaker and Noble Representative of the Niuas has passed away at his residence at Kolomotu’a last Thursday, April 24th, 2014.

Lord Fusitu’a (87) is the oldest sitting member of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga.

He served as the Acting Speaker of Parliament in 1990 before he was appointed Speaker of the House for three terms from 1991-1998.

Late Lord Fusitu’a first entered politics in 1981.

He is the noble estate holder of Faletanu and Ma’ofanga in Niuafo’ou.

Meanwhile a spokesperson for the family says his funeral service is scheduled for Saturday, May 3rd.

He is survived by his wife, Lady Fusitu‘a and two children, Mata‘i‘ulua ‘i Fonuamotu Fusitu‘a and Finelasi Fuafolau Fusitu‘a Tu’ipeatau and seven grandchildren.

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