HIS Majesty King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipau’u Tuku’aho joined family, friends, loved ones, parliamentarians and diplomats in paying their last respect to Lord Fusitu’a at his funeral service at the Centenary Church, Nuku’alofa yesterday.

Lord Fusitu’a’s is noted with many achievement for Tonga.

Acting President Free Wesleyan Church (FWC) of Tonga, Tevita Havea highlighted this during the farewell funeral service for his lordship.

In his sermon the Acting President and General Secretary of FWC, Dr. Tevita Havea said Lord Fusitu’a was not only a man of words and an expert in the art of translations and interpretations, he speaks eloquently, and in articulation intelligently.

Dr. Havea adds Hon. Fusitu’a was more than just a person of words and expressions as the way the Psalms 36 describes the qualities of the goodness of God.

“The Psalms speaks of four level heights to which God’s goodness can reach the heavens, the skies, the highest mountains and the greatest deep.

Lord Fusitu’a in his own way achieved four levels of goodness during his life and a servant for Tonga. From his commoner roots and poor family to becoming a high chief, from an island where education was not a reality to becoming the Speaker of the House,” according to Dr. Havea.

Late Lord Fusitu’a was appointed the Hon. Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga in 1991.

He was born on 27 January 1927 as a commoner known as Siaosi ‘Alokuo’ulu Wycliffe Fusitu’a until he was elevated as a hereditary Noble title of Fusitu’a of Sapa’ata, Niuafo’ou by his late Majesty King Taufa’ahau Tupou IV on March 24, 1981.

It was a foundation of a new line, albeit the first incumbent as appointed by late Majesty King George Tupou I in 1880

Dwelling near Mt Zion at Sia-ko-Veiongo he remained a Noble representative of the Niuas in Parliament until he passed away at his residence on April 24, 2014.

As the oldest member of the Parliament he died of old age at 87 years old.


Late Lord Fusitu’a was born on 27 January 1927 as the eldest of six children of Nafetalai Mo’ungaafi Fusitu’a and Meliame Po’uha Lomu Fusitu’a.

He was adopted by Lord Fusitu’a (Tevita Tu’iniua) and his wife Pisila Fotofili Fusitu’a.

According to his biography Late Lord Fusitu’a’s life was founded on the God revering and trusting environs of the Wesleyan local and international training institutes such as Tupou College at Nafualu.

Late Lord Fusitu’a went to Wesley College in New Zealand from 1944-1947 prior to admission to the University of Auckland through the Fund for the education of Heirs to Noble Titles.

In 1967 he was married to ‘Eseta Fuafolau Vakapuna ‘a Ngu Fulivai. They were blessed with a son Matai’ulua ‘i Fonuamotu and a daughter ‘Atalika Finelasi Fuafolau Tu’ipeatau.


Late Lord Fusitu’a commenced his public service career at the Printing Department in 1952 assisted with the institutional strengthening of the management and operations of the printing industry.

In 1961 he was transferred to the Supreme Court so that his distinguished eloquence and mastery of both languages could enhance the quality of court interpretation services from Tongan to English and vice versa.

At the same time he was graciously endowed by Her Majesty Queen Salote Tupou III with exquisite informal pedagogy on the fundamental subjects of Tongan Culture and Protocol and leadership in the temporal and spiritual team.

He was also elected as President of the Tonga Football Association from 1990-1196.


He was first elected into Parliament as the Niuas Noble Representative in 1981.

In 1987 his parliamentary colleagues elected him as Chair of the Whole House Committee before he reached the peak of his parliamentary career when he was appointed Speaker of the House by his late Majesty King Taufa’ahau Tupou IV.

He served for three terms from 1991-1998.

According to his biography, “Trust in God, humility and his exceptional gift of speech composition and delivery, underpinned by his wisdom, leadership and competency in Tongan Culture and Governance greatly assisted Lord Fusitu’a to lead deliberations in Parliament while maintaining compliance and command respect throughout his three successive years as Speaker of the House.

“The leadership of his able leadership and communication skills transcended the boundaries of the Friendly Isles to the global scene through the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Union, and the World League for Democracy and Freedom in his representation of Tonga as well as the Pacific Region.”

At the completion of the Tonga Constitutional and Electoral Reform in 2010, Lord Fusitu’a was re-elected to Parliament as the Noble Representative for the Niuas.


His biography notes that Lord Fusitu’a was a humble and complacent noble who was approachable to family relatives, residents of his estate and any person in need.

“He was celestially endowed with the will to excel and fulfill his given duties and responsibilities faithfully. It is thus no wonder that he was able to enjoy while in this world the Godly blessings vividly outlined in Psalm 128, which comprise the privileges of the man who reveres the Lord and closely follow his directions,” according to Lord Fusitu’a’s eulogy.

He was a fervent and faithful member of the FWC of Tonga who rarely missed a Sunday service at the Centenary Church throughout the last 33 years.

He was also a substantive church conference delegate.

“This is not surprising given that it was his maternal ancestor who met and cared for the first Wesleyan Missionary to succeed in the re-introduction of Christianity to the Kingdom, Rev. John Thomas at Ha’atafu during the 19th century,” stated in his eulogy.


Late Lord Fusitu’a passed away on 24 April 2014 after enjoying the peaceful company of his most beloved granddaughter who is the pride and joy of his family, Hon. Phaedra ‘Anaseini Tupouveihola Fusitu’a.

Lord Fusitu’a is survived by Lady ‘Eseta Fusitu’a, the former Minister for Information and Communications, their two children, Matai’ulua Fusitu’a & Finelasi Tu’ipeatau and seven grandchildren.

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