The Legislative Assembly has been adjourned until Monday, June 12th.

The House was adjourned to allow the ‘Eua Noble Representative Lord Nuku and Ha’apai 12 constituency MP, Vili Hingano to deliver the  Legislative Assembly’s response to his Majesty’s state opening address.

In their response they noted the three challenges His Majesty believed it continued to impact the country. They were health, education and economic issues.

His Majesty King last week urged government to lift the standard of education in Tonga into an international standard. Also the need for a national approach to promoting healthy living and our economy.

The legislators reassured the King of their commitment to deliver their best while performing their legislative duties and responsibilities.  

They also believe to ensure the will of the people is delivered it’s also vital for the Legislature and the Executive to work together to ensure the public’s basic needs is fulfilled.

Members of Parliament also pledged to work together with their constituencies to improve their livelihood.

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