The People Representative for Tongatapu 2, Dr. ‘Uhila-moe-langi Fasi is concerned about the safety of police officers in the line of duty.

He raised his concerns today, June 9th at the Whole House Committee while they were deliberating on the Proposed Estimate for the Ministry of Police.

Dr. Fasi said, in recent years, criminal activities have worsened and some have used weapons against the police.

He added, the nature of police work is filled with danger, so special consideration should be made for their safety.

The MP said, police officers in Tonga should have protective equipment used in overseas countries such as bulletproof vest, taser and others for their own protection.

Meanwhile, the Hon. Prime Minister and Minister for Police, Hu’akavameiliku supported the issue raised by Dr. Fasi considering the risks of the work carried out by police in response to illicit drugs.

He said, the ministry has purchased protective equipment and arms to be used by police officers when responding to high risk cases.

The Niua 17 People’s representative Hon. Vatau Hui asked the government to consider building a prisons in the Niua’s because there is none in the islands.


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