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  • Far right - Lopeti Senituli CEO (MIA), Hon. Saia Piukala (Minister of Health), Deputy Speaker, Lord Tu'i'afitu & Committee Members
  • Far right - Lord Tu'i'afitu, Veivosa Taka (Ha'apai 13 MP) & Chairman of Social Services Committee, Penisimani Fifita

ABOUT TOP$35.6 million worth of remittances to Tonga was recorded in 2013/2014 financial year under  New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employment (RSE) and Australia Pacific Seasonal Worker Pilot scheme.

  • Hon. Speaker, Lord Tu'ivakano (Middle), Dean of the Zhejiang Ocean University, Mr. Wu Changwen (2nd to the left) & Toni Chen (Tonga Commissioner for Trade & Tourism, Guangdong Province (2nd to the left).
  • Dean Mr. Wu Changwen (2nd to the left) & Speaker, Lord Tu'ivakano (3rd to the left)

TOURISM was amongst top priority areas of talks between Tonga and China during a recent bilateral trade and investment trip led by Lord Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga, Lord Tu’ivakano to Zhoushan City in China. 

From: Pacific Leadership Programme Facebook page

THE Legislative Assembly of Tonga can be isolated if they do not relate to the international community on human rights issues for good governance.


  • (L-R)Chairman of the Agricultural & Fisheries Standing Committee Vili Hingano (far right) & Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Fe'ao Vakata (second to the left), Penisimani Fifita (Tongatapu 9 MP) (third to the right) and Members of the Young Farmers Federation Ltd (YFFL).
  • papaya plantation
  • Hon. Fe'ao Vakata, Penisimani Fifita, Vili Hingano & Koloti Seluini (YFFL)
  • papaya

TO inform Members of the Agricultural and Fisheries Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly on ways to boost the agricultural sector is the purpose of a one day subject briefing for the MPs last week.

THE Legislative Assembly of Tonga today elected Tongatapu 2 constituency MP, Semisi Sika as the new Chairperson of the Whole House Committee for the 2015-2018 parliamentary term.

Mr. Sika was nominated by Ha'apai 13 constituency MP, Veivosa Taka.
No other nomination was put forward.

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