Press Release
Celebrating International Youth Day 2023

The Standing Committee on Environment and Climate Change, together with the Legislative Assembly of Tonga, join the world today in celebrating International Youth Day 2023.

In line with the local theme The time is now! and in the context of the international theme ‘Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World’, the theme is timely as Tonga is a hot spot for climate change and natural disasters, bringing with it impacts of rising sea levels, more frequent and intensive tropical cyclones, to name a few. No doubt, climate change is one of the most prevalent challenges that will affect the future of our youth. Lord Fakafanua, Chair of the Standing Committee stated that “It is promising to see our youth already in action at the front lines, whether it is planting trees or leading community projects, to secure their sustainable future. It is our duty to empower and support them in any way that we can, including enhancing the skills and the knowledge to do that”.

Today we look back and celebrate the amazing achievements of our young people in Tonga. The Legislative Assembly of Tonga has also been honoured to have hosted platforms and initiatives in the past for youth leaders from all of Tongaʻs electoral constituencies, through initiatives such as Tonga Youth Parliament and SHE LEADS FALE ALEA. In looking forward, the Standing Committee, together with parliament, firmly commit to the continued support of all our youth efforts in the future and wish all our youth a very prosperous and sustainable future.

*The Standing Committee on Environment and Climate Change is one of the Legislative Assembly of Tongaʻs permanent committees. It has a mandate to consider all matters related to the environment, climate change and sustainable development. It is chaired by Lord Fakafanua and its members (substantive and alternate) include Lord Nuku, Hon. Huʻakavameiliku, Hon. Fekita ʻUtoikamanu, Moʻale Finau, Dulcie Tei, Lord Tuʻihaʻangana, Lord Tuʻilakepa, Lord Tuʻiʻafitu, Hon. Sevenitini Toumoua, Johnny Grattan Vaea Taione and Mateni Tapueluelu.


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